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VariantImpactInheritance patternSummaryGenomes
SNCA A18Ginsufficiently evaluated noneunknown
SNCA A30Pinsufficiently evaluated pathogenicunknown

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SNCA Y39Xinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown CGI sample GS01175-DNA_D01 from PGP sample 31286272
CGI sample GS01173-DNA_B02 from PGP sample 94378523
SNCA E46Kinsufficiently evaluated pathogenicunknown

(502 web hits)

SNCA A53Tinsufficiently evaluated pathogenicunknown

(1270 web hits)

SNCA A69Shiftinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown CGI sample GS01173-DNA_G02 from PGP sample 67180598
CGI sample GS01173-DNA_D06 from PGP sample 69488604
SNCAIP S306Pinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
SNCAIP G554Dinsufficiently evaluated not reviewed, f=0.001unknown var-GS18508-1100-36-ASM
SNCAIP R621Cinsufficiently evaluated pathogenic, f=0.004unknown

Speculated to cause increased risk of Parkinson’s disease, but later research concluded it is a nonpathogenic polymorphism.

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CGI sample GS01175-DNA_B05 from PGP sample 83494370
SNCAIP E709Qinsufficiently evaluated not reviewed, f=0.007unknown var-GS10851-1100-36-ASM
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