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VariantImpactInheritance patternSummaryGenomes
DCTN1 G59Sinsufficiently evaluated pathogenicunknown

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DCTN1 G71Rinsufficiently evaluated pathogenicunknown

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DCTN1 Q74Pinsufficiently evaluated pathogenicunknown

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DCTN1 P75Rinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 L153Minsufficiently evaluated noneunknown
DCTN1 P189Rinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 P209Rinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 L267Minsufficiently evaluated noneunknown
DCTN1 L287Minsufficiently evaluated none, f=0.047unknown var-GS19700-1100-36-ASM
var-GS19129-1100-36-ASM (hom)
var-GS18505-1100-36-ASM (hom)
DCTN1 A318Shiftinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown CGI sample GS01173-DNA_A07 from PGP sample 96240009
DCTN1 A360Tinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 A474Tinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 A494Tinsufficiently evaluated not reviewed, f=0.000unknown
DCTN1 R495Qinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown CGI sample GS01173-DNA_F06 from PGP sample 64191565
DCTN1 M571Tinsufficiently evaluated pathogenicunknown

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DCTN1 R785Winsufficiently evaluated pathogenic, f=0.001unknown

This variant is possibly associated with familial motor neuron disease, however there is only one linked publication which is from 2004 and which has not been reproduced since. M√ľnch C et al. note that while this variant was found in two brothers with probable ALS, the same variant was present in their asymptomatic mother and sister, which implies incomplete penetrance.

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DCTN1 R915Qinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 R1012Qinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 R1029Qinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 R1042Qinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 M1047Iinsufficiently evaluated noneunknown
DCTN1 R1049Quncertain benign, f=0.001unknown

Although rare and predicted to have a damaging effect, Vilarino-Guell et al. find the variant did not segregate with neurological disease and conclude it is not deleterious.

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CGI sample GS00253-DNA_C01_200_37
DCTN1 M1052Iinsufficiently evaluated noneunknown
DCTN1 R1101Kinsufficiently evaluated pathogenicunknown

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DCTN1 I1104Sinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown CGI sample GS01173-DNA_H06 from PGP sample 91708424
DCTN1 M1144Iinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 M1161Iinsufficiently evaluated noneunknown
DCTN1 M1179Iinsufficiently evaluated not reviewedunknown
DCTN1 M1186Iinsufficiently evaluated none, f=0.000unknown CGI sample GS00253-DNA_D01_200_37
DCTN1 T1249Iinsufficiently evaluated pathogenic, f=0.003unknown

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CGI sample GS01175-DNA_D03 from PGP sample 27486199
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