Genome data

Genome data for PGP participants and some other public genomes are available on this website for download. To get data for a particular genome, go to the Genomes page and click on the “Get Report” button for an individual. The following data files are linked at the top of the report page:

  • source data: the original genome data uploaded to our processing system. Currently this is either Complete Genomics var files or GFF files.
  • dbSNP and nsSNP report: the processed genome data in GFF format, with dbSNP and nonsynonymous amino acid change information added.

You may also want the description of the GFF format used for the dbSNP and nsSNP report and for a subset of the uploaded data.

GET-Evidence variant information

You can download the latest snapshot of the database in TSV format.

  • latest-flat.tsv includes gene, AA change, dominance, impact, #genomes, #haplomes, #articles, case/control figures for disease with max OR, etc.

You can also download the database in a more complete, but less easy-to-use, MySQL dump format.

  • get-evidence.sql.gz is a nightly MySQL dump of the entire database including edit history but excluding users, sessions, dbSNP, and raw web search results.

BioNotate annotations

Source code

The GET-Evidence source code is available with git:

  • git://

Gene search

"GENE" or "GENE A123C":

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