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(PYGM Arg49Stop)

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Other external references

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  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type V
    R49X is the most common mutation among individuals of European and US descent. ... metabolism, testing for the more common PYGM mutations (R49X and G204S) is ...
  • A New Rare Mutation (691delCC/insAAA) in Exon 17 of the PYGM ...
    screened for 3 common mutations in the PYGM gene (R49X, ... coding sequence of the entire PYGM gene was sequenced. The carrier status of his relatives was also studied. ...
  • Arch Neurol -- A New Rare Mutation (691delCC/insAAA) in Exon ...
    Patients A Spanish patient with McArdle disease was screened for 3 common mutations in the PYGM gene (R49X, W797R, and G204S), as previously described. ...
  • McArdle's Disease : The Unsolved Mystery of the Reappearing ...
    ... could be detected, we directly sequenced the entire PYGM cDNA. ... mutated in patients 1, 2 (R49X), and 3 (L396P), R49X/G204S in patient 4, and R49X/R49X in patient 5 (Table 1) ...
  • McArdle's Disease
    ... is the nonsense mutation at codon 49 (R49X), accounting for up to 60% of the ... at least one allele of the PYGM gene, the muscle-specific isoform is ...
  • Two Homozygous Mutations (R193W and 794/795 delAA) in the ...
    Genetic defects of the myophosphorylase gene (PYGM) cause a typical ... Screening by PCR-RFLP excluded the presence of the mutations R49X, G204S, and K542T in the PYGM gene. ...
  • GSDV - McArdle Disease
    ... description of the genetics and clinical features of this glycogen storage disease (GSD5) that results from defects in the muscle phosphorylase (PYGM) gene. ...
  • Journal of Medical Genetics
    Although the order PYGM (AT)-PYGM (CA) was used in construction of ... substitution at codon 49 in exon 1 (R49X) or the T to C substitution at ...
  • WikiGenes - PPL - periplakin
    The world's first wiki where authorship really matters. Due credit and reputation for ... with McArdle's disease, R49X in the muscle PPL gene (PYGM) [1]. We conclude that ...
  • IngentaConnect Molecular Analysis of Myophosphorylase ...
    Molecular Analysis of Myophosphorylase Deficiency in Dutch Patients with ... crowded map of mutations within the PYGM gene responsible for McArdle's disease. ...

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  • GET-Evidence autoscore = 5

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