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PKD1 I4045V

(PKD1 Ile4045Val)

Short summary


Variant evidence
Computational 3

Variant Effect Predictor (Ensembl ): SIFT=tolerated(0.58);
Condel=neutral(0.417) Mutation Tasting prediction: Polymorphism p value: 0.999489
protein features (might be) affected (TRANSMEM Helical (potential) gets lost)
GVGD: GV 48.95; GD 0.00; Class C0
Multi-alignment of P98161.3 [Homo sapiens] with: NP_001006651.1 [Canis lupus familiaris] CBZ01637.1 [Sus scrofa] XP_003124778.1 [Sus scrofa] CBZ01638.1 [Sus scrofa] AAM22956.1 [Canis lupus familiaris] XP_002727800.1 [Rattus norvegicus] XP_002727799.1 [Rattus norvegicus] EDL22340.1 [Mus musculus] O08852.1 [Mus musculus] AAG33986.1 [Rattus norvegicus]

Functional -
Case/Control -
Familial -
Clinical importance
Severity -
Treatability -
Penetrance -


Insufficiently evaluated not reviewed

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Inheritance pattern


Summary of published research, and additional commentary


Allele frequency

  • C @ chr16:2140680: 31.3% (3351/10722) in EVS
  • C @ chr16:2080680: 25.0% (25/100) in GET-Evidence
  • Frequency shown in summary reports: 31.3% (3351/10722)












hu604D39 - CGI sample GS00253-DNA_B02_200_37
hom C @ chr16:2140680







GS18501 - var-GS18501-1100-36-ASM
hom C @ chr16:2080681


GS18502 - var-GS18502-1100-36-ASM
hom C @ chr16:2080681


GS18504 - var-GS18504-1100-36-ASM
het C @ chr16:2080681


GS18505 - var-GS18505-1100-36-ASM
het C @ chr16:2080681


GS18517 - var-GS18517-1100-36-ASM
het C @ chr16:2080681


GS19026 - var-GS19026-1100-36-ASM
hom C @ chr16:2080681


GS19129 - var-GS19129-1100-36-ASM
het C @ chr16:2080681


GS19648 - var-GS19648-1100-36-ASM
het C @ chr16:2080681


GS19649 - var-GS19649-1100-36-ASM
het C @ chr16:2080681


GS19700 - var-GS19700-1100-36-ASM
hom C @ chr16:2080681


GS19701 - var-GS19701-1100-36-ASM
het C @ chr16:2080681


GS19704 - var-GS19704-1100-36-ASM
het C @ chr16:2080681


GS19834 - var-GS19834-1100-36-ASM
het C @ chr16:2080681


GS20509 - var-GS20509-1100-36-ASM
het C @ chr16:2080681


GS21767 - var-GS21767-1100-36-ASM
hom C @ chr16:2080681




Other external references

  • rs10960
  • GeneTests records for the PKD1 gene
    Polycystic Kidney Disease 1, Autosomal Dominant
    Polycystic Kidney Disease, Autosomal Dominant
  • Score: 0 (benign)
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  • BMC Medical Genetics
    The disease is caused by mutations of the PKD1 (affecting roughly 85% of ... Conclusion: Twenty probable mutations of the PKD1 gene in 90 Czech individuals (fifteen ...
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Other in silico analyses

  • NBLOSUM100 score = –4
  • GET-Evidence autoscore = 3

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