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(GALC Gly270Asp)

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  • GALC - galactosylceramidase - Genetics Home Reference
    The GALC gene is also known by other names, listed below. What is the normal function of the GALC gene? ... acid at position 270 in the enzyme (written as Gly270Asp or G270D) ...
  • Galactosylceramidase (GALC) - Medpedia
    Krabbe disease - caused by mutations in the GALC gene More than 70 GALC mutations ... acid at position 270 in the enzyme (written as Gly270Asp or G270D) ...
  • Adult onset globoid cell leukodystrophy (Krabbe disease ...
    G270D, L618S, and exon-6 skipping (535-573del), produced diminished GALC activity as expected. ... causes conformational change in the GALC enzyme, resulting in low enzymatic ...
  • Six novel mutations detected in the GALC gene in 17 Japanese ...
    It is caused by a deficiency of galactocerebrosidase (GALC) activity. ... With two additional mutations, G270D and T652P, these account for up to 57% of genetic ...
  • G270D - Association Maladies Orphelines Midi-Pyrénées [BLOG]
    ont analysé les mutations de GALC chez 17 patients japonais. ... phénotype : les mutations I66M+1289M, G270D, et L168S sont associées à un phénotype modéré. ...
  • Newborn Screening for Krabbe Disease in Newborn Screening for ...
    (GALC) (GALC) Mutations in. GALC. Decreased ability to degrade galactolipids. Decreased ... c.809G>A (p.G270D) c.1538C>T (p.T513M) c.1652A>C (p.Y551S) c.1424delA ...
  • UKE - Institut für Humangenetik - Krankheitsgene (Diagnostik)
    Spät-manifester Typ: Die Mutation c.809G>A (p.G270D) stellt etwa 50% der Krankheitsallele dar. Diagnostik ... eine Aktivitätsbestimmung der GALC in einem hierfür akkreditierten ...
  • 氏 名
    We evaluated the GALC gene in 17 Japanese patients, classifying mutations as ... mutations, G270D and L618S, similar concordance is shown, demonstrating that it ...
  • Ela España Información Nº5
    codificada por el gen GALC. El Doctor Xu y sus. colaboradores ... G270D y L168S se asocian a. un fenotipo moderado. Journal of Human Genetics · 51 (6): 548 ...
  • II Congress on rare diseases. Genetic disorders related to ...
    with the identical GALC genotype, including G809A in one allele and ... The human GALC cDNA has been placed in several viral vectors and these have ...

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