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(CHEK2 Arg180Cys)

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Severity -
Treatability -
Penetrance -


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Other external references

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  • Germline CHEK2 Mutations in Jewish Ashkenazi Women at High ...
    CHEK2 Mutations in Ashkenazi Jewish Women. Familial clustering of breast cancer is noted ... CHEK2 gene as a candidate breast cancer gene stems from several ...
  • Germline CHEK2 mutations in Jewish Ashkenazi women at high ...
    Germline CHEK2 mutations in Jewish Ashkenazi women at high risk for breast cancer. ... were detected (R3W 1.2%, 1157T 1.2%, R180C 0.6% and S428F 5%), one silent polymorphism ...
  • Poster Session A
    experiments revealed two novel mutations: R180C and 1135delTC. Mutation R180C is not located in a functional ... CHEK2 gene into the Rad53 deleted yeast resulted in growth in ...
  • SULT1E1 and ID2 genes as candidates for inherited ...
    Overall, 101 individuals (83 I157T*CHEK2 mutation carriers) were genotyped: 16 ... In conclusion, CHEK2*I157T missense mutation is a founder mutation in ethnically ...
  • Search Medical and Societal References - esrnexus
    ESRNexus is a publicly searchable online medical and societal reference library that is ... in the CHEK2 gene by exon-specific polymerase chain reaction followed by denaturing ...
  • Breast Cancer Risk Factors - Investigators at Sheba Medical ...
    NewsRx is the leading source of news and information on Breast Cancer Risk Factors ... The CHEK2 gene encodes a checkpoint kinase, involved in response to DNA damage, and hence ...
  • The P1812A and P25T BRCA1 and the 5164del4 BRCA2 Mutations ...
    BioInfoBank Library :: The P1812A and P25T BRCA1 and the 5164del4 BRCA2 Mutations: Occurrence in High-Risk Non-Ashkenazi Jews. Characterization of cancer-linked ...
  • OHD - Olomoucké Hematologické dny
    Produktem CHEK2 genu je proteinkináza podílející se na přenosu a amplifikaci ... alterací v genu CHEK2 [c.470T>C (p.I157T), c.538C>T (p.R180C), c.542G> ...[rocnik]=2009&...

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  • NBLOSUM100 score = 8
  • GET-Evidence autoscore = 3

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