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(CHAT Ala120Thr)

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Variant evidence
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Severity -
Treatability -
Penetrance -


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Inheritance pattern


Summary of published research, and additional commentary


Allele frequency

  • A @ chr10:50824619: 18.4% (1983/10758) in EVS
  • A @ chr10:50494624: 18.0% (23/128) in GET-Evidence
  • Frequency shown in summary reports: 18.4% (1983/10758)




hu241DEA - CGI sample GS01175-DNA_D05 from PGP sample 1205491
het A @ chr10:50824619


hu2D6140 - CGI sample GS01173-DNA_F06 from PGP sample 64191565
het A @ chr10:50824619


hu2DBF2D - CGI sample GS01173-DNA_G02 from PGP sample 67180598
het A @ chr10:50824619



hu43860C - CGI sample GS00253-DNA_A01_200_37
het A @ chr10:50824619


hu604D39 - CGI sample GS00253-DNA_B02_200_37
het A @ chr10:50824619



hu7A4AD1 - CGI sample GS01669-DNA_C05 from PGP sample 42408046
het A @ chr10:50824619


hu92C40A - CGI sample GS01175-DNA_G03 from PGP sample 92527586
het A @ chr10:50824619


huA0E089 - CGI sample GS01175-DNA_B04 from PGP sample 88590671
het A @ chr10:50824619



huAE4A11 - CGI sample GS01669-DNA_F02 from PGP sample 40767107
het A @ chr10:50824619


huAE6220 - CGI sample GS00253-DNA_H01_200_37
het A @ chr10:50824619


huBAAC98 - CGI sample GS01173-DNA_F02 from PGP sample 70008981
het A @ chr10:50824619


huBEDA0B - CGI sample GS00253-DNA_C01_200_37
het A @ chr10:50824619


huD37D14 - CGI sample GS01175-DNA_A04 from PGP sample 13272228
het A @ chr10:50824619


huD81F3D - CGI sample GS01173-DNA_D06 from PGP sample 69488604
het A @ chr10:50824619


huE80E3D - CGI sample GS00253-DNA_D01_200_37
het A @ chr10:50824619


GS06994 - var-GS06994-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr10:50494625


GS07357 - var-GS07357-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr10:50494625


GS10851 - var-GS10851-1100-36-ASM
hom A @ chr10:50494625


GS12004 - var-GS12004-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr10:50494625


GS18526 - var-GS18526-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr10:50494625


GS18555 - var-GS18555-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr10:50494625


GS18558 - var-GS18558-1100-36-ASM
hom A @ chr10:50494625


GS18940 - var-GS18940-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr10:50494625


GS19648 - var-GS19648-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr10:50494625


GS20502 - var-GS20502-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr10:50494625


Other external references

  • rs3810950
  • Score: 0.013 (benign)
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    Of the 3 CHAT SNPs examined, we. detected both allelic and genotypic association of the ... Distribution of CHAT/ exon 5/A120T (rs3810950) Polymorphism in AD Cases and ...
  • Genetic variation in the choline acetyltransferase (CHAT ...
    CHAT is the key enzyme responsible for the synthesis of a neurotransmitter acetylcholine ... CHAT gene [5], other studies examined only one SNP in exon 5, A120T ...
  • Reference SNP(refSNP) Cluster Report: rs3810950
    Database of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism ... CHAT/VACHT. 1508. GF. 0.545. 0.383. 0.072. 0.752. 0.737. 0.263. Summary. Average. Het.+/- std err: Individual. Count. Founders. Count ...
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  • Sequence variation in the CHAT locus shows no association ...
    Sequence variation in the CHAT locus shows no association with late-onset ... in CHAT, comprising three non-synonymous variants (D7N in the S exon, A120T in ...
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  • BioPortfolio - CHAT publications
    ChAT, polymorphisms do not constitute a major genetic risk factor for susceptibility to ... variants, D7N and A120T, proved to be in complete linkage disequilibrium (late-onset ...
  • Genome-wide association study identifies variants at CLU and ...
    Sequence variation in the CHAT locus shows no association with late-onset Alzheimer's ... across the CHAT locus but two of the coding variants, D7N and A120T, proved to be in ...
  • David Craig
    Scientific Experts, Genomes and Genes, Publications, Webpages, Research Topics about David Craig ... the CHAT locus but two of the coding variants, D7N and A120T, proved ...

Other in silico analyses

  • NBLOSUM100 score = 1
  • GET-Evidence autoscore = 3

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