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(TOR1A Asp216His)

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Short summary

This SNP has been shown to be benign and play a protective role against Dystonia.

Variant evidence
Computational 2

PolyPhen Score of .658 (possibly damaging); NBLOSUM100 score of 3;

Functional -
Case/Control 4

p<.01 that this snp plays a protective role against dystonia in European populations

See Kamm C et al. 2008 (18519876).

Familial -
Clinical importance
Severity 1


Treatability -
Penetrance 1

The incidence of Dystonia is rare (<1%), but the incidence is decreased by this SNP



Low clinical importance, Likely protective

(The "low clinical importance, likely" qualifier is assigned automatically based on the above evidence and importance scores.)

Inheritance pattern


Summary of published research, and additional commentary


Total cases/controls case+ case– control+ control– p-value odds ratio
Early-Onset Primary Dystonia (DYT1)
0 84 6 42 0.0019 0.000


Allele frequency

  • G @ chr9:132580901: 10.3% (1108/10758) in EVS
  • G @ chr9:131620721: 7.8% (10/128) in GET-Evidence
  • Frequency shown in summary reports: 10.3% (1108/10758)


Kamm C, Fischer H, Garavaglia B, Kullmann S, Sharma M, Schrader C, Grundmann K, Klein C, Borggraefe I, Lobsien E, Kupsch A, Nardocci N, Gasser T. Susceptibility to DYT1 dystonia in European patients is modified by the D216H polymorphism. Neurology. 2008 Jun 3;70(23):2261-2. PubMed PMID: 18519876.

This article contains a study indicating that this SNP may play a protective role against Dystonia

Cases/controls case+ case– control+ control– p-value odds ratio
Early-Onset Primary Dystonia (DYT1)
0 84 6 42 0.0019 0.000



hu034DB1 - CGI sample GS00253-DNA_A02_200_37
hom G @ chr9:132580901


huE80E3D - CGI sample GS00253-DNA_D01_200_37
het G @ chr9:132580901


Added in this revision:

GS06994 - var-GS06994-1100-36-ASM
het G @ chr9:131620722


GS07357 - var-GS07357-1100-36-ASM
het G @ chr9:131620722






Other external references

  • rs1801968
  • Score: 0.205 (possibly damaging)

Other in silico analyses

  • NBLOSUM100 score = 3
  • GET-Evidence autoscore = 3

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