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(MEFV Pro369Ser)

Short summary

Weak evidence associating this with familial mediterranean fever, but there is a fairly high frequency of this allele. This variant might cause increased susceptibility to the disease but there is not enough evidence to be significant.

Variant evidence
Computational 1

Other mutations in this disease are associated with the disease.

See Aksentijevich I et al. 1999 (10090880), unpublished research (below).

Functional -

Not statistically significant

See Aksentijevich I et al. 1999 (10090880).


See unpublished research (below).

Clinical importance
Severity 3
Treatability 4

Colchicine treatment alleviates symptoms

Penetrance 2

May cause increased susceptibility

See Aksentijevich I et al. 1999 (10090880), Sugiura T et al. 2008 (18097735).



Low clinical importance, Uncertain pathogenic

(The "low clinical importance, uncertain" qualifier is assigned automatically based on the above evidence and importance scores.)

Inheritance pattern


Summary of published research, and additional commentary

In Counsyl diagnostic screen

Total cases/controls case+ case– control+ control– p-value odds ratio
Familial Mediterranean Fever
5 177 59 1187 0.3348 0.568


Allele frequency

  • A @ chr16:3299586: 0.5% (55/10758) in EVS
  • A @ chr16:3239586: 2.3% (3/128) in GET-Evidence
  • Frequency shown in summary reports: 0.5% (55/10758)


Aksentijevich I, Torosyan Y, Samuels J, Centola M, Pras E, Chae JJ, Oddoux C, Wood G, Azzaro MP, Palumbo G, Giustolisi R, Pras M, Ostrer H, Kastner DL. Mutation and haplotype studies of familial Mediterranean fever reveal new ancestral relationships and evidence for a high carrier frequency with reduced penetrance in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. Am J Hum Genet. 1999 Apr;64(4):949-62. PubMed PMID: 10090880; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC1377819.

In a screen for mutations in MEFV in patients with familial mediterranean fever, 4 out of 180 patient chromosomes had this variant. Only 1 out of 222 control chromosomes had it.

Cases/controls case+ case– control+ control– p-value odds ratio
Familial Mediterranean Fever
4 176 1 221 0.1778 5.023


Sugiura T, Kawaguchi Y, Fujikawa S, Hirano Y, Igarashi T, Kawamoto M, Takagi K, Hara M, Kamatani N. Familial Mediterranean fever in three Japanese patients, and a comparison of the frequency of MEFV gene mutations in Japanese and Mediterranean populations. Mod Rheumatol. 2008;18(1):57-9. Epub 2007 Dec 22. PubMed PMID: 18097735.

This variant was seen as part of a compound het (with R408Q) in a 17yo Japanese male with probable FMF (first episode at 6yo). His mother had the same genotype and was asymptomatic. In an analysis of 512 Japanese individuals (1024 chromosomes), the allelic frequency was determined to 0.057. Two control individuals were homozygous for both variants, and LD with R408Q is 1. The authors conclude that they may be weakly involved in the development of FMF.

Cases/controls case+ case– control+ control– p-value odds ratio
Familial Mediterranean Fever
1 1 58 966 0.1118 16.655




GS18504 - var-GS18504-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr16:3239587


GS18526 - var-GS18526-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr16:3239587


GS18947 - var-GS18947-1100-36-ASM
het A @ chr16:3239587


Other external references

  • rs11466023
  • Score: 0.995 (probably damaging)
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    RESULTS: We found that 40.5% of the samples had nine different MEFV mutations and one polymorphism. ... The mutations A744S, P369S, R408Q, and F479L were reported for the ...
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Other in silico analyses

  • NBLOSUM100 score = 3
  • GET-Evidence autoscore = 6

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